Economic viability analysis

A business plan is a key component in any company as well as the economic viability analysis. A business plan is a tool that should help the promoter understand all the project and future business impacts, defining strategic and operational objectives, in the short, medium and long term.

It can also work as a company presentation to stakeholders such as business partners and investors.

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Project management

Whether the client is a public or private entity, with the company technician’s knowledge and experience, Primordial Saber can ensure the overall management of projects and investments, advise and provide technical assistance. In the many stages of a project, from a request for propostal to planning, procurement, execution control, cost, time and quality, we aim to ensure product delivery to the customer as intended.

Tax and account planning

Today it is essential for any company to have counselling in the fiscal matters, in order to, depending on the activity and complexity of each company, draw the better tax planning.

Taking into account the constant revisions to tax laws, both in Portugal and in Angola, a good account management and tax planning have become essential tools that contribute to the success of businesses.

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