who are we

Primordial Saber Lda is a private limited company under Portuguese law, located in Lisbon, which was born in 2014, which operates in the areas of commerce and financial consultancy and project management services.


Facilitate the lives of companies by providing ways to obtain greater income, offering opportunities and immediate solutions in the provision of services, both for international export businesses and for financial consulting areas, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction.


To be a reference trader in international trade, especially with Angola and Cape Verde, namely in the area of medicines and health products.
To be recognized for the specialized attention to the client and for the quality of our products and consultancy services, with efficient service at competitive values, aiming at the trust in our services and consequent recognition in the market.


  • Ethic;
  • Focus on excellence, passion for what we do;
  • Credibility, agility, competitiveness;
  • Quality at a fair price;
  • Good relationship with customers and employees;
  • Spirit of partnership with whom and for whom we work!